Ken is the professionals’ first choice when insightful and authoritative briefings are required on the past, present, and future prospects for Liverpool. This is because he has that very special ability to not only transmit enthusiasm, but to transfer it; and he is never less than completely inspiring and encouraging to all his audiences.

He will act as an expert speaker on Liverpool’s current socio-economic position, and its place at the hub of the new ‘Liverpool City Region’; as a key economic driver in the North West; as a crucial factor in the strengthening of UK Plc; as a political and cultural influencer on the Global scene; and as a diverse and challenging community that is the true embodiment of ‘heart and soul’.

Ken has provided professional, personal, organisational, and business development services for a great many organisations, including ~

  • The Plus-Dane Group 
  • The Transport Trust
  • The Mersey Waterfront Board
  • Liverpool Vision
  • Liverpool Primary Care Trust
  • Groundwork
  • The Grosvenor Group
  • Trinity-Mirror
  • Marketing Cheshire
  • International Association of Department Stores
  • Anglican Diocesan Conference
  • Heart of Mersey
  • The Waterfront Expo
  • The Nuclear Industry Footprints Programme

Find out more by reviewing Ken Pye's profile on Linked-In   http://www.linkedin.com/in/kenpye